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January 5, 1997

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 pm on January 5, 1997 at the home of Donald Stewart in Tunbridge, Vermont. Zeke Hecker acted as moderator. In attendance were: Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, David Fuqua, David Gunn, Zeke Hecker, Peggy Madden, and Don Stewart. Planning but unable to attend was Bill Harris, who provided an email message with his concerns..

Treasurer's Report and Non-Profit Status

        Don Stewart reported on the state of the treasury, which stands at $672.61 at the close of 1996. Membership for 1997 is now due, and the membership amount would continue at $25. Although the amount in the treasury is not high, Don was pleased that all bills for the 1996 FourScore Bi-Regional Festival were paid, and all reimbursements were made to Consortium members who had incurred Consortium expenses in 1996.
        The non-profit status of the Consortium has not yet been confirmed. Formal filing with the IRS is waiting for the accumulation of documents and history to meet the more stringent requirments of 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. Don hopes to have more information at the next meeting.

Evaluation of FourScore Festival

Six areas of the festival were considered.

Officers and Functions

        The group agreed to thank Larry Read heartily for guiding the Consortium through yet another festival, and providing leadership when it was most needed.
        A new approach was suggested by Bill Harris in his email, that two people direct the Consortium because of the north-to-south distance and coordination problem. Bill suggested Lisa Jablow for the north and Zeke Hecker for the south; the group agreed. Lisa is out-of-state and will be asked when she returns; Zeke accepted the job as southern director, and interim director of the Consortium until the next meeting, should Lisa decline.
        Officers were elected by acclamation, as follows:


        After a hiatus of several months, the newsletter has an editor in David Fuqua, who will bring his experience in publishing to the job. He will use the existing format as a starting point, hoping to have the first issue in February. Dennis will get him source materials, and write a summary article about the festival events; David will contribute a piece about the humorous concert that included Vermont composers; and more information on the Kalvos & Damian New Music Bazaar will be offered.

Pursuit of New Funding

        Funding continues to stymie the Consortium board, which has little experience in the area. Bill Harris had been successful with the Vermont Community Foundation for one year, but we were declined the next. Bill's comments noted that now that we are paying performers, we cannot return to free performances, and it will mean serious fundraising. There was an exhaustive discussion that covered private companies (Dennis will develop a list), public/private matching funds, local organizations, "fair compensation" requirements of the NEA, etc. David Fuqua will explore grantwriting information to identify funding sources. Don noted that Tom Philion had been helpful in the past, and Philion had been thanked for permitting the VSO to act as our funding conduit for the VCF funds.

Proposals for the Future and General Direction


        Dennis reported that his talks with Jerry McBride of the Middlebury Library continued to be start-and-stop affairs, and Dennis would continue to care for the archives until they got a good home with public accessibility. In the meantime, the archives continued to be used for the radio show.

Radio Show

        Dennis noted that the Kalvos & Damian New Music Bazaar had expanded its coverage in the radio show and website, and were expecting to begin internetcasting within the month. Because the show was seeking grant funds, Dennis asked that the Vermont Composers agree to become part of a consortium with WGDR and the VCME to apply for NEA funds. The group agreed, with Don offering the caveat that all national performance agreements be respected by public radio and internet broadcasters.


        Wonderful chocolate-covered blueberries and cherries were available, as well as an insanity-generating chocolate cheesecake, and great coffee. All board members were wired by meeting's end. Next meeting will be in late March or early April, in Lebanon, New Hampshire, to be hosted by David Fuqua.

Respectfully submitted,
Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, Secretary

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